Off The Conveyor Belt: getting back to myself

Hello! Thanks so much for dropping in. I’m Tara. Ten years ago I was very much On The Conveyor Belt. Married, joint owner of a Family Home, having conversations about the future children that would fill said Family Home, and working in the professional corporate job to afford said Family Home.

But somewhere deep inside was a feeling that it wasn’t for me, that it wasn’t the life I wanted. I’d sat on that conveyor belt for years, and felt so far away from who I actually was, or wanted to be.

Since 2012, I’ve jumped off the belt, fell halfway back on, and right now I feel like I’m hanging off it, one leg trailing along the floor; not quite on, but not quite off. I’m quite tired of hanging on, and reckon now’s the time to take the leap and let go.

Here, I’ll share my stories of what that letting go looks like. You can expect tales of self-discovery, exploration, mistakes, and reflection.

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Trying to make my way in life after getting off the corporate conveyor belt, living in a small rural New Zealand town known for it's quirky characters and colourful history.